Versum allows you to manually send single and bulk text (SMS) and email massages.

Tip: You can alsobenefit from a number of automatic messages 

SMS text messages

  • single text messages: a message is sent to a particular customer or number. You can also send this type of message to up to 10 recipients, separating them with commas;
  • bulk text messages: a message is sent to an existing group of customers or all customers. There is no limit on the number of recipients.

Email messages

  • single email messages: up to 10 recipients. Advanced formatting options (you can change the font, add pictures, links, etc). Versum has an in-built, easy-to-use email editor that allows you to preview the message and edit the source code (html editor).
  • bulk email messages: unlimited number of recipients; filtering options, the same advanced editor as for single messages.