Online booking is a great way to streamline appointment scheduling, save time and reach out to customers. 

Remember that your offer will be public - make sure to include information about your business, staff and services, as well as a picture gallery (> More about picture gallery). 

More on adding and editing services, employees and business details:

- Adding, editing and deleting services

- Adding, editing and deleting employees

Note: For an a-z instruction, refer to Setting up online booking - step by step

In order to enable online booking:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  3. Click online booking:


  4. Click edit settings in the right upper corner:


  5. Make sure point 1. Online booking status is set to enabled
  6. In point 2. Web address, you can change the default subdomain to your own (e.g. the name of your business -

    Tip: This is the address of your online booking microsite (the one your clients will use to schedule appointments online)

  7. If you'd like to receive email notifications about new appointments booked by customers online, select the check box Send new appointment notifications and enter your email address
  8. Click the save changes button.

See also:

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