By default, employees added during the initial account setup are not able to sign in to Versum. In order to allow them to sign in, you need to edit their accounts. 

Important: To ensure safety of data in the system, each employee should sign in to their own account. Owing to that, it will be possible to set the right permissions (access levels) for all employees, track their activities and enable various security features, such as the customer contact details protection mode.

To enable sign in for an employee:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  2. Click the employees button
  3. Click the name of the employee you'd like to enable sign in for
  4. Click the edit button in the right upper corner
  5. In point 4. Access to Versum, click the drop down menu and select Employee can sign in to Versum
  6. Enter the employee's email address. An activation email will be sent to that address
  7. Enter the password for the employee. The employee will be able to change it later on
  8. Choose a user role. It will be used to set a particular access level to data and features

    Before assigning the user role, please familiarise yourself with the user permissions table. Assigning an appropriate user role is critical for the safety of your data.

  9. Click the save changes button at the bottom of the form.