With a large number of customers in the database, it may happen that some records are duplicated - e.g. William Doe may have two records: William Doe and Bill Doe. Duplicates hinder the analysis of statistical data and browsing customer records, which is why they should be eliminated. The best way to do that is to merge duplicate records, rather than delete them. Merging records allows you to preserve a complete appointment history and other important information. 


  • Merging customer records CANNOT BE REVERSED. Do it with caution.
  • You can merge two records at a time. In order to merge more records, do it by two at a time.

In order to merge two customer records:

  1. Click customers in the left sidebar
  2. Find the records which should be merged. You can use the searchbox, looking up by the common element of both records, e.g. the phone number.
  3. Select the customers on the list by checking the boxes next to their names:

  4. Click the merge customers button in the right upper corner:

  5. A summary of the two records will pop up. If there is any conflicting data, there will be a radio button allowing you to decide which data should be preserved:

  6. After selecting valid data, click merge at the bottom of the table
  7. The two customer records will be merged, including appointment history and statistics.