Versum allows you to send SMS and email messages to an ad-hoc list of recipients.

In order to create the list, you can use the search criteria (in-built filters) and then select particular customers, or use the select all option:

If you need to select most customers, but not all, just use the select all option, and then manually deselect the redundant ones.

Once you have selected the customers you'd like to send a message to, click actions in the right upper corner and select the option send a message (you can also add them to a group - select the option add to a group to do so):

You will be redirected to the messages module, where you will be able to select the message type and enter the content. Note that the recipient group in point 4 will be set to Selected from the list (the brackets will show the number of recipients). Click next step.

Versum will show you a message preview and a message summary, including the message type, the number of recipients, the total number of messages (an SMS text can contain several messages, each limited to 160 characters) and the estimated cost.

If all details are correct, click the send button (it will also show the message type and the number of recipients (e.g. send email to 21 recipients).