You can add customers in a few ways, depending on what is the most convenient for you at a given moment:

  • directly in the customers module: Adding customers in the customers module allows you to enter most customer details. It is particularly convenient when adding multiple customers at once.

  • in the appointment book while creating appointments: When new customers visit your business for the first time or call to schedule appointments, you can create an account for them conveniently in the new appointment window, which allows you to schedule an appointment and create customer records at the same time.

  • in the inventory module while entering a sale: If new customers walk in and want to buy a product, instead of scheduling a visit, you can quickly create their accounts in the sale window.

Adding a customer directly in the customers module

  1. Click customers in the left sidebar:

  2. Click the add customer button on the right
  3. Enter basic customer details
  4. Optionally, enter extended details

    Tip: You can enter the date of birth without specifying the year of birth. This will allow you to send automatic birthday wishes without knowing the customer's age.

    Tip: You can assign a customer to a group, which will help you send newsletters and other bulk messages.

    Tip: In the description field, you can enter additional notes on the customer's discounts, preferences, notes for staff members, etc. The description will be visible on each of the customer's appointments. > More on customer descriptions

  5. For more options, click show in the advanced section. It will allow you to access settings for messages of different types (you can use this feature to block sending messages to a particular customer, who does not wish to receive them). Also, you can set the maximum number of appointments the customer will be able to book online
  6. Once you have entered all the required details, click the add customer button.

Adding a customer while creating an appointment in the appointment book

  1. While adding an appointment (> More on adding appointments), click the new customer button:

  2. Fill in the customer details (note: you can click the more details option in the right bottom corner and/or edit the customer record later on to add more details)
  3. Click the add customer button.

Adding a customer while adding a sale in the inventory module

  1. Go to the inventory module and click the add sale button on the right:

    Tip: If you use the Gift Cards add-on, and would like to sell a gift card, click the drop-down menu next to the add sale button and choose the relevant option:

  2. Click the new customer button next to the customer field:

  3. Fill in the customer details (note: you will be able to edit the customer record in the customers module to add more details)

  4. Click add customer.

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