You can add multiple appointments at once by creating a recurring appointment. Thanks to that, you can easily schedule a series of treatments or secure the most suitable appointment dates for your loyal customers.

In order to add a recurring appointment:

  1. Go to the appointment book
  2. Add an appointment according to the instruction
  3. In the appointment window, click advanced view
  4. From the drop-down menu select recurring appointment:
  5. In the repeating field, select how often the appointment should repeat and how many appointments you want to add:
    You can also set your own recurrence, by selecting the custom option. In the pop-up window, select the frequency and the numer of occurrences or the end date.
    Tip: You can add maximum 50 appointments at once.
  6. Click save changes
  7. Click add appointment
  8. If there are any availability issues when adding the appointment, e.g. the employee or a resource is busy or the salon is closed, you will see a pop-up window with a list of conflicts. If you wish to add the appointment regardless of the conflicts, click ignore and save. If you want to reschedule an occurrence, click edit next to the occurrence and change the date or time. You can also remove an occurrence:
    Tip: If there is an availability issue only for the first appointment, instead of edit and remove, you'll see correct. Once you click it, the pop-up window will close and you'll be able to update the appointment details.  
  9. Once you update the occurrences, click try again. If there are no more issues, the appointments will be added to your appointment book.