Creating appointments in Versum is easy and quick - all you need to do is to click a time slot in an employee's calendar and fill out the appointment form by entering the customer's name, the service and optionally other details.

Adding appointments allows you to use most other features available in Versum, including automatic appointment reminders and other appointment notifications, creating customer appointment history and other stats, as well as generating numerous other reports and statistics.

How to schedule appointments - basics:

How to schedule an appointment - step by step:

  1. Go to the appt book module:

  2. Click a time slot in an employee's calendar:

  3. In the appointment window, enter the customer's name. For new customers, click the new customer button to add them to the customer base
  4. Enter the service name (you can select it from the list). By default, only services assigned to the selected employee will be shown. In order to display all services, click Show all:

    Versum will display all services. To select a service, click its name (services not performed by the employee will be marked with a light grey colour but you will be able to select them as well):

    Note: If the Resources add-on is enabled, Versum will automatically reserve rooms and appointments assigned to the selected services.

  5. If there are multiple services within one appointment, click add a service:

  6. If any of the selected services is performed by a different employee, click the employee name button, select the appropriate employee and click confirm:

  7. You can enter additional information in the Notes field
  8. If you have enabled the feature of prepayments, you will see the amount that the customer should pay in the Prepayment field. You can edit the amount if you wish. Once the customer makes the payment, change the status to paid

    Tip: If you decide that a prepayment is not necessary for a given appointment, you can remove it from the new appointment window:

  9. To create an all-day event, block sending a reminder for a particular appointment, or add product usage information, click the advanced view button in the right bottom corner
  10. After entering all required details, click the add appointment button.

Once an appointment has been completed, it should be checked-out so that it's properly recorded in the customer records, employee appointment history as well as taken into account in reports and stastistics (e.g. in the financial report and service statistics). > More on checking out appointments

If a customer doesn't show up, the appointment should be marked as cancelled. > More on marking appointments as cancelled