Adding a review allows customers to express their opinion about an appointment, and service providers to gather valuable feedback about services. The whole process is very easy and takes only a few moments.

How to add a review - step by step:

  1. After an appointment has finished and has been checked out, the customer will receive an automatic email message with a review request:
    Note: If the customer's email address has not been entered in their record, and the message type has been set as prefer email, the customer will receive an SMS text message > Read more about customer reviews settings

  2. Once they click Yes or No in the email, or open the link sent via SMS, they will be redirected to the appointment review form:

  3. They can rate the service on a scale of 1-5 by clicking an appropriate number of stars:

  4. Below the scale, they can also write their review

    Tip: If a customer rates a service as good or very good (4 or 5 stars), writing a review is not obligatory.

  5. After writing the review, the customer needs to select the I accept the terms of use checkbox and click submit:

  6. The review will be displayed on the list of reviews in the system, in the online booking microsite and some other places.
    > See where customer reviews are displayed