The value of reviews is in their authenticity and credibility and that's why it is not possible to delete a review. However, Versum gives you the option to send a cancellation request to the person who added the review. 

In order to send a cancellation request:

  1. Signin to Versum as an administrator or a receptionist
  2. Click messages in the left sidebar and select Reviews in the menu on the left:

  3. Click the more button below the review which you want to have cancelled and then click ask for a cancellation:

  4. In the Message field, write a message to the customer, explaining why you would like them to cancel the review (it's not obligatory, but might be useful if you want to explain what the source of the problem was):

  5. The cancellation request will be visible for the customer in their account in the online booking panel and additionally, they will receive an email with the request. If they decide to cancel the review, they need to click Cancel the review.