The system of reviews in Versum allows you to publish your customers' reviews on your Facebook and/or Twitter profile. Thanks to that, you can make them available to a wider audience and attract even more customers to your business. 

While customer reviews are automatically displayed in the online booking site, in the case of social media sites it is up to you to decide whether you want to publish them or not. 

In order to publish a review on social media sites - Facebook and/or Twitter:

  1. Log in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click messages in the left sidebar and then click Reviews in the menu on the left (alternatively, click settings > Reviews > List of reviews):

  3. Click the more button below the comment that you want to publish and select "Publish on Facebook" or "Publish on Twitter" (or do the same for both options if you wish):

    Note: In the case of Facebook, the above steps will be sufficient if your account in Versum is linked to a Facebook Page, instead of a Facebook Profile. If it's linked to a Facebook Profile, having selected the "Publish on Facebook" option, you will see a Feed Dialog which will allow you to finish the process of publishing the review. Linking the account in Versum to a Facebook Page will also give you access to a wider choice of options in the Messages > Facebook section.

    > Read how to convert a Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page

    After publishing the review on a social media site, you will see the name of the site below the review, on the reviews list. You can click the link to see the review: