Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions concerning customer reviews, together with answers.

When are messages with review requests sent?

Review requests are sent once a day, between 6 and 7 p.m. on the day of the appointment. If an appointment is scheduled for a later time, the message will be sent the next day.

 Will customers receive several messages if they have several appointments scheduled for the same day?

Filling in several review forms would be time-consuming for customers, so they will only receive one message. Moreover, usually services performed on the same day are part of one package and can therefore be reviewed collectively.

How does adding reviews work?

After a customer's appointment is checked out, the customer will receive a message with a review request. Once they click the link in the message, they will be redirected to a form which they need to fill in in order to add a review and a comment.

How does publishing a review work?

In order to facilitate the process of adding reviews, they are published automatically in the reviews tab in the online booking panel.

Are reviews visible to everyone who visits my online booking site?

Yes, all reviews are displayed publicly.

Can I edit customer reviews?

Customer reviews are valuable, because they are authentic and therefore editing reviews is not possible in Versum. 

Can I delete customer reviews?

Only customers are able to delete their reviews.

How can I find a particular customer review?

Customer reviews are available in several places in the system > Read more about how to access customer reviews.

Can I block sending review requests to a customer who does not wish to receive them?

Yes, sending review requests can be blocked either by a service provider or by a customer > Read more about how to block sendind review requests.