You can enable customer reviews using the default settings. You can also change the content of the default message and the type of messages customers receive - either emails or SMS text messages.

In order to enable customer reviews using custom settings or edit reviews setting:

  1. Sign in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar
  3. Click the reviews button:
  4. Click the edit settings in the right upper corner:

  5. Check the review status. If customer reviews are disabled, click the drop-down menu in point 1. Review status and select enabled:

  6. In point 3. Send as, select what type of message you want customers to receive:

    email - only an email will be sent
    prefer email - if a correct email address have been entered in the customer record, an email will be sent. Otherwise, customers will receive an SMS text message

  7. In order to edit the content of the message, click the show link in the advanced section. If the message type has been set to email, you will see an email editor. If prefer email has been selected in the send as section, you will see both SMS and email editors
  8. Edit the content according to your preferences. To preview the message, click the preview button below the editor; in order to restore the default message content, click restore default content:

  9. Click save changes.