Service variants available in Versum make it possible to distinguish between different treatments that vary in duration, price or other characteristics. An example of the use of variants is a service for which different duration times can be booked, such as "classic massage - 45 minutes", "classic massage - 60 minutes", etc. > More on variants

To add a service with multiple variants:

  1. Click services in the main left sidebar
  2. Click the add service button at the top right of the screen:
  3. Enter the service name
  4. In the Category drop-down menu, select the category of service to which you'd like to assign the service
  5. In point 4. Price, click the Advanced link:
  6. Select Multiple variants:
  7. A table will appear. A service with variants requires at least two variants. To add a variant, click the Select or add a variant drop-down menu, and then select the appropriate variant from the list. If you'd like to add more than two variants, click the add another variant button
  8. After choosing a variant, enter its duration and price:
  9. Complete the remaining form fields > More about adding services
  10. After completing the form, click save service.