If a customer decides to buy a product after a visit, it's the most convenient to add it while checking out the appointment.

Note: If a sale is not related to any specific appointment, you can add it directly in the inventory module.

In order to add a sale while checking out an appointment:

  1. Click the related appointment in the appointment book
  2. Click the check out appointment button
  3. Click the add a sale button and select the sell a product option:

    Tip: If you have enabled the Gift Cards add-on, you can also sell amount and service gift cards here.

  4. Enter the name or barcode of the product. Check if the unit, quantity and price are correct:

  5. If you'd like to sell two or more different products, click the another product button to add more products
  6. If you want to remove a product from the list, click the trash icon  on the right
  7. Select the employee who sold the product to apply commission rates (if applicable)
  8. You can add a discount for all products or selected items. In order to do that, click the add discount button > More details
  9. Make sure all details are correct and click the check out appointment button. Inventory levels will be updated automatically.