When you add appointments in your appointment book in Versum, their status is set to pending. Once the customer's visit is over, or if the customer has not come, you need to check out the appointment or mark it as cancelled, respectively. Owing to that, the appointment will be accurately taken into account in statistics as well as customer and staff appointment history.

Note: To get instructions on how to mark an appointment as cancelled (no-show), please go to How to set the appointment status to "cancelled"

In order to check out an appointment:

  1. Go to appt book in the main navigation sidebar on the left
  2. Click the appointment you want to check out
  3. Click the check out appointment button:

    If a customer has a few appointments in a given day, after you click any of them, the check out button will change to check out X appointments, where is the number of customer's appointments which will be checked out (they will all appear in the checkout window):

    • In order to check out all appointments collectively, click the check out X appointments button
    • In order to check out some appointments, but not all, click the check out X appointments button and remove the appointments you don't want to check out from the checkout window > More details
    • In order to check out only the selected appointment, click the drop-down menu next to the check out X appointments button and select check out selected appointment.

    Note: Appointments will show in the checkout window only if: a) they belong to the same customer; b) they are in the pending status; c) they begin in no more than an hour. In order to add other appointments to the list, click the add another appointment to the bill option. You can also use this option to check out appointments assigned to several different customers > More details

  4. Make sure all appointment details are correct:
    appointment date and time, customer's name, employee's name
    list of services
    • prices
    • checkout date (the day the payment is made)
  5. Optionally, add backbar usage and sales (> More on adding backbar usage | > More on adding sales)
  6. If you have enabled prepayments, you will see the Prepayment entry in the checkout window. If a prepayment has been made for the appointment, the amount will be subtracted from the amount to pay 
  7. Make sure the total price is correct. If you want to grant a discount, click the add discount button near the bottom of the window: > More details
  8. In the Tendered field, enter the amount tendered by the customer. Versum will automatically calculate the change
  9. If the customer does not pay with cash, click the payment method drop-down menu and select the correct option. If the customer uses multiple payment forms, click the + payment method option, enter the correct amount and select the payment method (for multiple payment methods, please see Checking out appointments with multiple payment methods)
  10. Click the check out appointment button.