In order to make Versum easy to set up, convenient and secure, we have employed role-based access control. It means that each employee who signs in to Versum has a user role assigned to their account, allowing him or her to access certain information and features, but not others. 

It is critical that each user signs in to their own account. Owing to that, different access levels can be applied and user activities can be tracked. It also allows you to use advanced security features available in the system, such as customer contact details protection mode or access restriction.

Tip: In order to assign appropriate permission levels to an employee, select the appropriate user type while adding or editing an employee. > More on adding and editing employees

Below you can find detailed information on access levels for particular user roles in Versum:

 AdministratorReceptionistEmployee extended accessEmployee basic access
Appointments statsYesYesLimited ⁴Limited ⁴
New customers statsYesYesNoNo
Takings statsYesNoNoNo
Activity registerYesLimited ⁴Limited ⁴Limited ⁴
Upcoming appointmentsYesYesLimited ⁴Limited ⁴
TasksLimited ⁴Limited ⁴Limited ⁴Limited ⁴
Appointment Book
Viewing own appointmentsYesYesYesYes
Viewing other employee's appointmentsYesYesYesNo
Adding appointmentsYesLimited ¹Limited ¹No
Deleting appointmentsYesLimited ¹Limited ¹No
Editing appointmentsYesLimited ¹Limited ¹No
Finalising appointmentsYesLimited ¹Limited ¹No
Viewing customer dataYesLimited ²Limited ²No
Viewing customer statisticsYesYesNoNo
Adding customersYesYesYesNo
Deleting customersYesYesYesNo
Editing customersYesLimited ¹Limited ¹No
Adding customer groupsYesYesNoNo
Deleting customer groupsYesYesNoNo
Editing customer groupsYesYesNoNo
FiltersYesLimited ³Limited ³No
Viewing servicesYesYesYesYes
Adding servicesYesYesNoNo
Deleting servicesYesYesNoNo
Editing servicesYesYesNoNo
Adding categoriesYesYesNoNo
Deleting categoriesYesYesNoNo
Editing categoriesYesYesNoNo
Viewing employee dataYesYesYesLimited ⁴
Viewing others employees' appointment historyYesYesYesLimited ⁴
Viewing employee schedulesYesYesLimited ⁴Limited ⁴
Setting employee schedulesYesYesNoNo
Adding employeesYesNoNoNo
Deleting employeesYesNoNoNo
Editing employeesYesLimited ⁵Limited ⁵Limited ⁵
Editing the display order in the appt. bookYesYesNoNo
Viewing the financial reportYesLimited ⁶NoNo
Viewing employee statisticsYesLimited ⁶NoNo
Viewing service statisticsYesLimited ⁶NoNo
Viewing employee commissionYesNoNoNo
Viewing the cash reportYesLimited ⁶Limited ⁴,⁶No
Adding outflows and inflowsYesYesYesNo
Deleting outflows and inflowsYesNoNoNo
Viewing inventory statisticsYesNoNoNo
Viewing customer statisticsYesNoNoNo
Viewing communication historyYesYesYesNo
Sending bulk email messagesYesYesNoNo
Sending bulk text messagesYesYesNoNo
Sending single email messagesYesYesYesNo
Sending single text messagesYesYesYesNo
Adding message templatesYesYesNoNo
Adding message templatesYesYesNoNo
Deleting message templatesYesYesNoNo
Editing message templatesYesYesNoNo
Viewing product detailsYesYesYesNo
Adding productsYesYesYesNo
Deleting productsYesYesNoNo
Editing productsYesLimited ⁷Limited ⁷No
Adding product usageYesYesYesNo
Deleting product usageYesYesNoNo
Editing product usageYesYesYesNo
Adding product salesYesYesYesNo
Deleting product salesYesYesNoNo
Editing product salesYesYesYesNo
Adding deliveriesYesYesYesNo
Deleting deliveriesYesNoNoNo
Editing deliveriesYesNoNoNo
Viewing stock valueYesNoNoNo
Viewing low stock level productsYesYesYesNo
Adding suppliersYesYesYesNo
Deleting suppliersYesYesYesNo
Editing suppliersYesYesYesNo
Adding manufacturersYesYesYesNo
Deleting manufacturersYesYesYesNo
Editing manufacturersYesYesYesNo
Appointment book configurationYesNoNoNo
Employee schedules configurationYesYesNoLimited ⁴
Opening hours configurationYesYesNoNo
Reminders configurationYesNoNoNo
Online booking configurationYesNoNoNo
Group buying configurationYesNoNoNo
Appointment labels configurationYesYesNoNo
Customer data protection configurationYesNoNoNo
Notifications configurationYesNoNoNo
Payment plan and invoicesYesNoNoNo
Versum Partner ProgramYesYesYesYes


¹ Can be limited to the present day
² Customers' contact details may be hidden
³ No access to the financial data
⁴ Employess can view only their own data
⁵ Employess can edit only their own data

⁶ Only present-day stats are available
⁷ Cannot delete products