The Gift Cards and Packages module is a free Versum add-on that allows you to create, sell and track gift cards (gift vouchers) and service packages in your salon. Your customers will be able to redeem them for services and products. You can enable it at any moment in the add-ons section of Versum.

In order to enable the Gift Cards and Packages add-on:

  1. Sign in to Versum as an administrator
  2. Click the add-onsbutton in the left bottom corner:


  3. Click the Gift Cards and Packages tile

  4. Click learn more to read more information about the add-o
  5.  To enable it, click enable add-on:

Once you've enabled the add-on, you will be redirected to the Gift Cards and Packages main menu. You can sell vouchers using existing templates or create your own templates. If you already have any vouchers in circulation, you can add them to Versum as well.

Sold vouchers will be assigned to respective customer records. Customer will be able to pay with them during appointment check-out - you just need to select the gift card as the payment form an choose a gift card or enter the gift card number.