In some countries, the name day is as important, or even more, than the birthday. If you enable this feature, customers will receive automatic name day wishes. Take this opportunity to invite them for another visit and promote your services!

What are the benefits?

Sending out name day wishes is a unique way to win customers' affection. It's also a great way to promote your services - especially when accompanied by a special gift! Presented with a special offer, the customer will feel taken care of and will be happy to schedule another visit.

In order to enable automatic name day wishes:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar
  3. Click the automatic messages button
  4. Click Name day wishes in the menu on the left
  5. Click edit on the right:


  6. Click the message type drop-down menu and select your preferred option:

    • Prefer SMS text - If the customer record includes a valid phone number, an SMS text message will be sent. Otherwise an email will be sent. 
    • Prefer email - If the customer record includes a valid email address, an email will be sent. Otherwise an SMS text message will be sent. 
    • SMS text - Only SMS texts will be sent. 
    • Email - Only emails will be sent. 
    • SMS and email - SMS texts and emails will be sent.
  7. Take a look at the message. You can edit it or enter your own name day wishes.
  8. Click the campaign status drop-down menu and select Campaign active:


  9. Click save changes.