What are appointment reminders?

Appointment reminders available in Versum are automatic SMS text or email messages sent to customers before each appointment. Apart from the appointment date and time, reminders can contain any other information, such as details of current sales promotions.


What are the benefits?


Appointment reminders help to cut no-shows by up to 70%. Even if customers are not able to come in the arranged time, reminders make them more likely to call and reschedule the appointment.

You can also use reminders to effectively advertise your special offers, encouraging customers to visit you more often. 

How to edit appointment reminders - basics:

How to edit appointment reminder settings - step by step:

Appointment reminders are enabled by default. You can edit the message and dispatch settings or disable appointment reminders at any time. 

In order to do that:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  2. Click the automatic messages button
  3. This will take you straight to appointment reminder settings. Click the edit reminder button in the right upper corner:


  4. In point one, determine when appointment reminders will be sent: one, two, three or five days before the appointment

    Tip: Messages are sent between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

  5. In point two, determine the message type options:

    • Prefer SMS text - If the customer record includes a valid phone number, an SMS text message will be sent. Otherwise, an email will be sent.
    • Prefer email - If the customer record includes a valid email address, an email will be sent. Otherwise an SMS text message will be sent.
    • SMS text - Only SMS texts will be sent.
    • Email - Only emails will be sent.
    • SMS and email - SMS texts and emails will be sent.

  6. Take a look at the message. You can edit it in any way you'd like to. Use tags to insert information such as appointment date, appointment time etc.:


    The following variables are available:
    • business name
    • appointment date
    • appointment time
    • contact phone

    In order to see what the message will look like when it's sent, click the preview button.

  7. In point four, determine whether appointments will be sent (Reminder active) or not (Reminder inactive).
  8. After setting all the options, click the save changes button: