Versum allows you to mark any service as "promoted". As a result, it will be highlighted in the online booking panel. In order to make it even more prominent, add a picture.

In order to mark a service as promoted:

  1. Click services in the left sidebar
  2. Click the name of the service you'd like to promote (you can use the search box)
  3. Click edit on the right:

  4. Click add photos, then navigate to the photo of the service, select it and click Open:

    Tip: You can skip this step. A promoted service without a photo will be highlighted in bold and moved to the top of the service list. A promoted service with a photo will be actually above the list (see below).

  5. Next, click show in the advanced section:

  6. Select the option Promoted service:

  7. Click the save service button.

Promoted services in the online booking panel: