Versum allows you to schedule a bulk message to be sent at a time convenient for you. Thanks to that, you can prepare a message whenever you have time to and Versum will send it when appropriate.

In order to schedule a bulk message:

  1. Sign in as an administrator or a receptionist
  2. Click messages in the left sidebar:

  3. Click send a bulk message in the right upper corner:


  4. Create a message or use a template
    > More about creating bulk SMS messages
    > More about creating bulk email messages
  5. In 8. Dispatch time, select the schedule option and select the date and time when the message should be sent:


  6. Click next step
  7. You will see the message preview and message details (no. of recipients, total no. of text messages that will be sent etc). If everything is correct, click schedule email messaging to X recipients, where X will mean the number of recipients. The message will appear on the list of bulk messages and sent in the scheduled date and time: