Versum allows you to send out bulk SMS messages to specific customer groups, all customers and employees. Only administrators and receptionists can send bulk messages. 

Tip: You can send a bulk message of this type only to an existing customer group. In order to send a message to an ad-hoc list of recipients, use search criteria or simply select recipients in your customer base. > More about sending messages to an ad-hoc group

In order to send a bulk SMS message:

  1. Sign in as an administrator or a receptionist
  2. Click messages in the left sidebar:

  3. Click send a bulk message in the right upper corner:


  4. Make sure the message type in point 1 is set to SMS
  5. To create a new message, make sure 2. Template is set to New message. You can also use a template (the option "Use a template" will only be available if there are some templates created):

  6. Enter the message

    Tip: Remember to include the name of your business and a contact number! Also, bear in mind that a single SMS text message contains 160 characters (Versum will count the number of characters in your message for you).

  7. You can use the first name and the last name buttons to make the message more personal (when the message is sent, these variables will be replaced with the recipient's actual name). Just place the cursor where the customer's name should be while typing and click the button to insert it:


  8. You can click preview below the message field to see how the message will look when sent
  9. Select the recipient group in point 5. We recommend sending the message to the test group first > More about the test group
  10. Select the dispatch time - you can either send the message immediately or select the schedule radio button and choose the date and time when the message should be sent
  11. Click next step - you will see the message preview and message details (no. of recipients, total no. of text messages that will be sent, etc.)
  12. At this point, you can also still go back and introduce any required corrections - click change to do so. If all is as expected, click send sms text to x recipients / schedule sms text messaging to X recipients, where X means the number of recipients. The message will be sent.