The address of your online booking microsite consists of an editable subdomain and the domain. As a subdomain, it's best to use the name of your salon. A sample address would be

If the name of your salon consists of several words, you can separate them with dashes ("-"), e.g. Other characters are not allowed. 

In order to check and/or edit the online booking website address (URL):

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar
  3. Click online booking:


  4. Click edit settings in the right upper corner:


  5. In point 2. Web address, you can view and modify the address of your online booking microsite:

    Tip: If you have used your address to create buttons on your website or Facebook page (> More on creating Book Now button on Facebook) and change the address, you will need to update the buttons as well.

  6. If you have changed the address, click save changes.