Enabled by default, the customer contact detail protection mode allows system administrators to control and restrict employee access to customers' telephone numbers and email addresses.

Enabling the customer contact details protection mode will hide all customer telephone numbers and addresses from the employees' view. Employees will be able to view the details only after clicking the "show details" button:


At the same time the administrator can set a maximum number of times customer contact details can be viewed by an employee during a given day (e.g. maximum 10 customer records per day).

Once employees reach the defined limit, the system will block their access to customers' contact details and send a notification to the email address provided by the administrator. The email message will contain information on what contact details the employee has viewed. If there is such a need, the administrator will be able to increase the limit of times an employee can view customer contact details. 

In order to access customer contact details protection settings:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click the customers button:


  3. Select the option Customer contact details protection from the menu on the left:


  4. Make sure the option Enable customer contact details protection mode is selected if the feature is to be active:


  5. Enter the default daily limit of contacts employees other than administrators will be able to view
    Tip: if you set an individual limit for an employee (see below), it will override the default limit
  6. If you'd like to receive notifications when an employee reaches the set limit, enter your email address (or anyone else's who should receive the notification)
  7. Click save settings.

Individual limits for employees

You can set an individual limit for each employee. It will override the default limit. In order to set an individual limit:

  1. Follow the steps 1-3 above. 
  2. Click the option Change limit next to an employee you'd like to set the limit for:


  3. Enter the number of contacts the employee will be able to view and click the apply changes button.