Setting the opening hours for your business, you can decide whether it's closed on public holidays (you will still be able to define exceptions for particular days). 

The list of public holidays should be accurate regardless of what country you are from, however it's best to double-check the appointment calendar. 

In order to set the business to closed during public holidays:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click the opening hours button
  3. Make sure the check box Closed on public holidays is selected:


  4. Click save.

In order to define exceptions:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click the opening hours button
  3. Go to the Calendar tab:


  4. By default, the current month will be selected. If needed, navigate using the arrows or the calendar field:


  5. Click the day you'd like to set an exception for
  6. Select the check box Open for that day and set opening hours:


  7. Click the save button.