You can hide purchase price of products and backbar usage costs for users other than administrators. 

One exception is a delivery added by an employee: the employee will be able to edit such a delivery and the product prices will be visible. Prices in other deliveries, product records, stock takes as well as backbar product costs in appointment history and reports will not be visible. Only administrators will be able to view them.

Note: Hiding purchase prices and backbar costs will partially limit employee access to related features. Examples of such limitations have been listed below:

  • while performing a stock take, the value of the difference between the recorded and the actual stock level will not be shown
  • in a stocktake summary, the last purchase prices of products will not be shown
  • while adding a new delivery, last purchase prices will not be provided 
  • if your clients need to pay for extra backbar costs, employees other than administrators will not be able to view related costs and determine how much the client has to pay
  • reports will not show the cost of backbar products used for providing services, which may make calculating commissions harder (if employees other than administrators do that)
  • employees will not be able to edit deliveries added by someone else

In order to hide purchase price of products and backbar usage costs:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click the settings button in the left sidebar
  3. Click the additional settings button:


  4. Click Purchase prices in the menu on the left:


  5. Deselect the check box show product purchase prices and backbar usage costs (it should be blank)
  6. Click save changes.