In Versum, each user has their own password. There isn't any "global" password to the system.

The password may be created while creating an account for an employee (in which case the employee will be able to change it after logging in to the system) or set by employees themselves using the activation email. > More on adding employees 

In order to change the user password:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click the employees button:


  3. Find your name or the name of the employee you'd like to change the password for on the list (only administrators can do the latter) and click his or her name

  4. Click edit in the right upper corner:


  5. In point 4. Access to Versum, make sure the option Employee can sign in to Versum has been selected (otherwise there wouldn't be any password to change)

  6. Click the change password button

  7. Enter the new password and confirm it below (at least 6 characters required, use lower and upper case, numbers and special characters like #$%^&*)

  8. Click save changes at the bottom of the form.