Business details you enter into Versum will be used for communication with customers and online booking. Add basic information about your salon or spa to make sure that clients will be able to contact you and find your business. 

How to add salon details:

How to add salon details - step by step:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  3. Click business details:


  4. Fill in the form:
    - Name - the name will be visible in the online booking panel
    - Email - the email address will be used for any messages from your customers (e.g. when they reply to your email notifications or marketing messages)
    - Phone number - the phone number will be visible in the online booking panel, you can include more than one phone number
    - Business website address - adding your business website address will help you advertise your services further
    - Logo - the logo will be visible in the online booking panel and in the employee sign-in panel. To add a logo, click the add picture button
  5. In the menu on the left, you can also add details related to regional settings and consents. Click the section you want to modify to add or edit information.
    Regional settings
    Here you can add information about your location. Adding more detailed information will help customers find your salon easily.
    This section allows you to add or edit consents that you require your customers to accept. Having been added here, they will then be visible in each customer's register. Adding consents is necessary if you, for example, process the data of your customers for marketing purposes.