Versum allows you to bulk update products prices without having to edit them separately. Note that this can only be done by account administrators. 

In order to bulk update prices of multiple products:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click inventory in the left sidebar
  3. Select all products you'd like to change the prices for by clicking the check boxes next to their names:

    Tip: By selecting the top check box, next to the Name column heading, you select all products on the list


    If you'd like to change prices of retail products only, first select retail products from the drop down menu above the product list:


    You can also select a product category from the menu on the left, and then select particular or all products from that category.

  4. Click edit selected on the right:


  5. Depending whether you'd like to change prices by percentage or amount, choose the relevant option
  6. Enter the adjustment value (you can use the minus ("-") sign to decrease the price (no space between the sign and the value, i.e.: -15)
  7. Click the change button. Prices will be updated