Versum allows you to track deliveries of backbar and retail products. After adding a delivery, the stock levels of included products are automatically updated.

In order to add a delivery:

  1. Click inventory in the main left sidebar


  2. Go to the Deliveries tab:


  3. Enter the name of the product (if you'd like to add a new product, click the add new product option):


  4. Enter the quantity of the delivered product
  5. Enter the price (by default, net prices are selected; in order to change that click the purchase prices drop-down menu above the product table)
  6. Click add another item to add more products (to remove any products from the list, click the trash icon on the right)
  7. Optionally, fill in the remaining fields: the supplier name, the invoice number, delivery date, and notes
  8. After providing all required information, click the add delivery button.