Versum is advanced salon & spa software that allows you to perform stocktakes. 

You can count all items on hand or selected product categories. Versum will store particular stocktakes for further reference. 

Performing a stocktake in Versum also allows you to update stock levels. If the actual stock level is different from the recorded stock level, you will be able to select which stock levels should be updated.

In order to perform a stocktake:

  1. Click inventory in the left sidebar
  2. Click Stocktaking in the right upper corner:

  3. Click the new stocktake button on the right
  4. In the type of products drop-down menu, select which products you'd like to count:
    - all: all products in stock, regardless of product type
    - retail (including universal): products which are listed as retail and retail + backbar
    - backbar (including universal): products which are listed as backbar and backbar + retail
    - only retail: retail products (and not backbar)
    - only backbar: backbar products (and not retail)
    - only universal products: products which are both backbar and retail
  5. Select the scope of the stocktake:
    - full stocktake: all product categories
    - selected product categories: select this option to choose which product categories you'd like to count
  6. Optionally, enter the name of the stocktake in point 3. Name (you can use the default name "stocktake + no."
  7. Select the staff member who performs the stocktake (by default, it will be the logged in user)
  8. Optionally, enter a description
  9. Click the begin stocktake button
  10. Count items on hand and enter the amount in the actual stock level column. If there is any difference between the actual and the recorder stock level, Versum will calculate the difference and its value:

  11. After filling in all information, click the complete stocktake button below the table.
  12. In the next step, Versum will display any differences between the recorded and the actual stock levels. You can automatically update stock levels - click apply correction and finish, then click confirm:

    Tip: By default, all products are selected. If there are any products whose stock levels should not be updated, just untick the checkbox on the left of such a product


    If the stock levels should not be updated, click finish without correction and then click confirm.

  13. Once the stocktake has been completed, Versum will display a list of products counted and a summary including the following information:
    - stocktake date
    - performed by 
    - number of products 
    - description 
    - no. of products with accurate stock level 
    - number of products with a shortage 
    - number of products with a surplus 
    - no. of products with corrected stock level 
    - total net value of products before the stocktake 
    - total gross value of products before the stocktake 
    - total net value of products after the stocktake 
    - total gross value of products after the stocktake

Note: A completed stocktake cannot be edited

You can save the stocktake to an Excel file.