If your customer just wants to buy a product, without having an appointment, Versum allows you to sell it directly in the inventory module. 

In order to sell products in the inventory module:

  1. Click inventory in the left sidebar:


  2. Click add sale on the right:

  3. Enter the name of the product in the name column:

  4. Enter quantity and verify if the price is correct
  5. To sell more products, click the add another item button
  6. Enter the customer's name
  7. Optionally, click add discount to add a discount
  8. Select the payment method from the drop-down menu next to the amount tendered:

  9. To apply commission rates, enter the name of the employee who sells the product in the employee field (optional) ( > More on commissions)
  10. By default, the date of sale of the current day. You can change it by clicking the date field in point 3. date of sale
  11. Once you've entered all required information, click the complete sale button at the bottom of the form.