In order to manage your inventory, you first need to add individual products. 

In order to add a new product:

  1. Click inventory in the left sidebar:

  2. Click add product on the right:

  3. Enter the name of the product. The name should be unique for each product to avoid confusion
  4. Specify the product type. Versum distinguishes two types of products:
    - retail products: products for sale
    - backbar product: professional products for internal use

    Tip: Products can be both retail and backbar at the same time - in such a case, just tick both checkboxes.

  5. Select a category 
  6. If you're adding a retail product, enter the gross sale price
  7. Select the VAT (tax) rate
  8. Select the usage (consumption) unit

    Note: The usage unit cannot be subsequently changed. Also, select the most specific unit available. It will allow you to track the exact consumption of backbar products.

  9. If you have selected a different usage unit than a pack, provide the package size
  10. Enter the starting stock level
  11. Enter the last purchase price (if the starting stock level is different than 0)
  12. Unless you'd like to provide additional information available in the extended details section, click the save product button to finish adding the product.

Extended details

Optionally, you can also provide the following information: 
  • minimum stock level: if the stock level falls below the specified value, Versum will display the product on the list of low stock products in inventory > deliveries > low stock level.
  • manufacturer: you can enter manufacturer name and use it to find related products
  • barcode: enter or scan the barcode to use it for searching products and raising sales
  • SKU: a unique identifier you can use to find a product
  • description: use this field to enter additional information about the product
  • *loyalty accrual rate: this field is available if you have enabled the Loyalty Program add-on (> Learn more about the Loyalty Program module). Leave the checkbox ticked if the standard accrual rate applies.
  • *loyalty points: (available in the Loyalty Program add-on if active) If a non-standard accrual rate applies, enter the number of points customers will get for buying the product.