The inventory levels report allows you to track any updates of stock levels, whether it's backbar products consumption, retail product sales, deliveries or manual level adjustments.  

The report contains the following information:

  • stock level balance: the variance between the opening and the closing stock level.
    If a given cell contains the following values: "6 (+10) (-4)", it means the balance for the period is 6 items, with 10 items added and 4 issued (sold or used)
  • opening stock level: the number of packages, items and net value of a given product on the fist day of the period for which the report is generated
  • closing stock level: analogous values for the last day of the period for which the report is generated
  • usage: backbar products consumption in the selected period (pks., units and net value)
  • sales: retail product sales in the selected period (pks., units, net value, gross value)
  • deliveries: product deliveries in the period (pks., units and value)
  • manual stock level adjustments: stock level updates entered manually, by editing a given product (deliveries are not taken into account)

In order to create the inventory levels report:

  1. Click statistics in the left sidebar
  2. Click Inventory levels report in the menu on the left:

  3. Select the period for which the report should be generated by clicking the date field at the top of the page:

  4. If you'd like to generate a report for a single product, you can look it up by entering its name in the find a product search box
  5. The report will be generated. Optionally, you can save it to an MS Excel file by clicking the save as excel file button at the top of the page
  6. You can do the same with the transaction list by clicking the download the transaction list button.