The employee activity log allows you to easily track all key changes made on your Versum account. 

The tracked activities include the change of account settings (e.g. business details, online booking settings), rescheduling or deleting appointments, opening and closing the cash register, deleting employees, deleting transactions and other activities of this type.

You can either view a list of most recent activities on the dashboard, or access the full activity log in settings > employees.

In order to view most recent activities on the dashboard:

To go to the dashboard, click Versum in the left upper corner:

You will find the list of most recent activities in the activities section on the left.

In order to view the full activity log:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click employees
  3. Click Activity log in the menu on the left:

  4. You will see a full list of tracked activities. You may narrow down the results using filters. You may filter the list by modules/type of actions, employees and dates. In order to apply filters, click the filter button:

    Next, select an appropriate filter: