Versum can automatically calculate commissions on products, services and gift cards (if the Gift Cards add-on has been enabled). 

Commissions are calculated based on the defined rates and the value of checked out (completed) appointments and sales transactions. Each employee can have individual commission rates.

Apart from the default commission rates for each employee, you can also define exceptions for specific services, products and categories

Information on calculated commissions is available in the Commissions report, available in the statistics module.

In order to set default commission rates for an employee:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  2. Click the employees button:

  3. Click the name of the employee you'd like to set commission rates for
  4. Click the Commissions tab:

  5. Click set up commissions on the right:

  6. Enter percentage values for respective commission rates:

  7. Click save at the bottom of the page.

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