Versum allows you to update some service details in bulk, so that you don't need to edit every price individually. The details you can update this way are prices, categories and assigned resources (you can assign resources to services if the Resources add-on has been enabled).

Tip: Bulk service update is only available for administrators.

In order to update services in bulk:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Click the services button in the left sidebar
  3. Select all the services you'd like to update (tick the check boxes):

  4. Click the edit selected button on the right and select the relevant option, depending on what you'd like to change:

    price: enter the adjustment value (percentage or specific amount) and click change:

    category: select the category and click assign

    select required resources and define relationships (> More on resource relationship types). To update all upcoming appointments that require the use of updated resources, tick the Update future appointments option. Once you've entered all required information, click save changes.