If a customer books his or her appointments online and tends to miss them, you may want to set a limit for online bookings for this customer or block it altogether. 

Tip: Online booking settings available in Versum also allow you to set a limit for upcoming bookings for all new and all regular customers separately.

In order to set an individual limit for a customer's online bookings:

  1. Click the customers button in the left sidebar
  2. Find the customer you'd like to set the limit for (you can use the search field) and click their name on the list
  3. Click the edit button on the right
  4. Scroll down to the advanced section and click the show link
  5. In the online booking section, click change and set the maximum number of online bookings to the value of your choice:

    Tip: To block online booking for the customer, set the number to zero.

    Tip #2: The value refers to the number of upcoming appointments. If an appointment has been checked out, the customer will be able to make further bookings. So for example if the value is set to 1, the customer will only be able to book one appointment at a time. No further bookings will be made until the appointment has been completed (checked out). Once the customer shows up for the appointment and it is completed, the customer will be able to schedule another appointment online.

  6. Once you've updated the settings, click save changes.