Versum allows you to enter backbar usage information before the appointment is checked out. Thanks to that, professionals attending the customers do not need to pass this information to the receptionist - they can enter it themselves. The stock levels are automatically updated once the appointment has been checked out.

To add backbar product usage before the appointment has been checked out:

  1. Click the appt book button in the left sidebar to access the appointment book
  2. Click the appointment you would like to add usage to
  3. Click the edit button in the right bottom corner:

  4. Click advanced view in the right bottom corner
  5. Go to the Usage tab:

  6. Click the add product button below the service you would like to assign usage to:

  7. Enter the name of the backbar product, select the usage unit and enter quantity used:

  8. To add more products, click the another product button
  9. After entering all necessary details, click the save changes button at the bottom of the form. The usage will be assigned to the appointment and stock levels will be automatically updated once it has been checked out.