Versum lets you define your own custom fields in the customer record. You can add up to 50 such fields. This way you can store information on the natural hair colour, allergies, etc.

There are 3 types of custom fields:

  • text field - allows you to enter any text (e.g. a list of a customer's allergies)
  • drop-down menu - allows you to select one of available options (e.g. the eye colour)
  • date field - allows you to select a date (e.g. of an examination)

You can enter the name for any field type. Additionally, for the drop-down menu, you can define available options.

Information stored in the custom fields will be shown:

  • in the customer record, under the summary tab
  • in the customer record, under the personal data tab

How to create a custom field in the customer record:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar:

  2. Click customers:

  3. Click the add a field button in the right upper corner
  4. Enter the name of the field
  5. Select the field type (defined above)
  6. If you select the drop-down menu, also add options. In order to delete an option, click the trash icon. In order to add options, click the + add option button. In order to sort options, click reorder:

  7. Click the add field button.