A vast majority of customers appreciate appointment reminders and other SMS text and email messages. However, some may not wish to receive them. Using Versum, you can disable messages of a given type for selected customers.

In order to disable messaging for an individual customer:

  1. Click customers in the left sidebar
  2. Find the customer on the list (you can also use the find customers search box on the left or the global search box in the right upper corner)
  3. Click the customer's name to access his/her record
  4. Click edit in the right upper corner:

  5. Scroll down to the advanced section below the customer description and click show:

  6. After clicking show, you will see advanced messaging options. Deselect the types of messages you would like to block, from newsletters, to regular messages and marketing automation messages:
    Tip: You may also deselect only one message channel for each message type, if, for instance, a customer does not wish to receive SMS text messages, but does not mind receiving emails. 
  7. After deselecting the message types you would like to block, click the save changes button at the bottom.