Versum automatically generates revenue stats for all customers. It allows you to check how much each customer has spent on products and services. With this data, you can modify your offer to suit your customers' needs and surprise them with how well you know them.

In order to check a customer's revenue stats:

  1. Click customers in the left sidebar
  2. Find the customer on the list (you can also use the find a customer search box on the left or the global search box in the right upper corner)
  3. Click the customer's name to access his/her record
  4. Click statistics in the menu on the left:

  5. At the top of the page, you can select the period for which the report should be generated:

  6. Below you can see the customer's revenue stats month by month. Revenue from services has been marked in blue, revenue from products has been marked in red:

  7. By hovering the mouse cursor over a given bar, you will get information on the exact revenue in a given month
  8. Below the chart, you will see a list of purchased services and products: