What are appointment tags used for?

Appointment tags in the Versum system allow you to highlight important information about appointments and customers. Some of them are automatic. One example would be the online tag, added automatically for each appointment created through the online booking panel.

Default tags

There are three default tags:

  • online: This is an automatic appointment tag added to all appointments booked online.

  • 1st appt: This is an automatic appointment tag added to the first visit of a given customer

  • arrived: This tag can be used to mark appointments of customers physically present in the salon.
    The tag is enabled manually. If a customer is scheduled for multiple appointments on a given day, they will all be marked with this tag, which will be automatically turned off when the appointments are checked out.

    Tip: you can add this tag quickly by clicking an appointment in the calendar, clicking the customers name and selecting the option customer is on site:

Custom tags

Apart from using a default set of appointment tags, you can create your own tags. This way you will quickly mark appointments with information relevant for your business.

In order to create custom appointment tags:

  1. Click settings in the left sidebar 
  2. Click appointment book:

  3. Go to the Appointment tags tab:

  4. Click the add tag button on the right:

  5. Enter the name of the tag
  6. Select the colour of the tag
  7. Click the add tag button.

Tagging an appointment

You can tag appointments while creating them or later on, by editing them.

In order to tag an appointment:

  1. Click an appointment you would like to tag and then click the edit button on the right
  2. Click the tags option:

  3. An additional field - Tags - will appear. Click the field and select the required tag
    Note: You can select multiple tags
  4. Click add appointment (if you are creating a new appointment) or save changes (if you are editing an appointment).