You can add backbar product usage directly in the inventory module. This feature is useful when you need to track product consumption not related to the provision of any particular service (e.g. cleaning supplies) or if it's difficult to point to a particular appointment for which the product has been used.

In order to add backbar product usage in the inventory module:

  1. Click inventory in the left sidebar
  2. Click add usage on the right:

  3. The product usage table will appear. Enter the product name:

  4. Select the usage unit and enter the amount
  5. In order to add more products, click add another item
  6. In order to remove a product from the list, click the trash icon in the delete column on the right
  7. Optionally, you can also specify the customer and the employee
  8. After entering all required details, click add usage. Stock levels will be updated automatically.