Versum allows you to define the amount of products used for providing a particular service. Each service can have its own formula. When an appointment containing a service with a formula is checked out, the stock levels are automatically updated.

Tip: If the actual product consumption for a given appointment is different from the one defined in a formula, you can manually adjust it during checkout.

In order to add a formula:

  1. Click services in the left sidebar:

  2. Click the service you'd like to add a formula for (you can use the search field above the list)
  3. Click the edit button in the right upper corner
  4. Click the show option in the advanced section:

  5. Click the define formula button:

  6. Fill in the formula table:

  7. In order to add more products, click the add another item button; in order to remove an item from the list, click the trash icon on the right
  8. Click the save service button to add the formula.