Versum allows you to add backbar usage during appointment checkout in order to make sure your statistics and inventory levels are correct and up to date.


  • You can define usage formula for each service. If you do so, stock levels will be updated automatically. You will still be able to edit the usage manually if the actual usage is different from the defined one. > More about usage formulas
  • If consumption of products is not related to any particular appointments, you can add usage directly in the inventory module. > More about this
  • You can also add usage before the appointment checkout. This way professionals performing services do not need to inform receptionists about backbar product usage - they can enter this information themselves. > More about this

In order to add backbar product usage during appointment checkout:

  1. Open the appointment checkout window (click an appointment in the appointment book and click check out appointment):

  2. Click the Usage tab:

  3. The backbar usage table will be shown. Click add product:

  4. Enter the product name or barcode in the name column

  5. Select the unit and enter the quantity in the respective columns
  6. If more products have been used, click the another product button to add more items
  7. In order to remove an item, click the trash icon  on the right
  8. Once you check out the appointment, the stock levels will be updated automatically.