The number of appointment books that fit a single page largely depends on the size of display that you use. If there are a lot of employees, it may be that some calendars will be moved to another page. At the same time, it's beneficial to have calendars of employees working in teams (e.g. all beauticians) next to one another, which helps to find openings quickly.

In order to help you achieve this, Versum allows you to create custom views, which are groups of calendars. Selecting a view will allow you to compare calendars of particular groups of staff members.

In order to create a custom view:

  1. Click appt book in the left sidebar
  2. Make sure the side-by-side view has been selected (otherwise click the side-by-side button in the right upper corner):

  3.   Click the views button on the bottom of the page and select the option add/edit/remove:

  4. Click the create a new view button
  5. Enter a name for the view
  6. Select the staff members whose calendars should be displayed after selecting the view by checking the select boxes next to their names:

  7. Click save. The view has been created.

In order to use a custom view, click the views button and select a particular view by clicking its name:

Note: If the Resources add-on has been enabled, you can also select a number of default views, depending on what planners you'd like to display: Staff and resources, Staff, Resources only.