You can create product orders directly in Versum and send them to the suppliers via email. Thanks to that, you can order products you need easier and faster. Based on the order, you can also create a delivery and quickly add the products to the inventory. 

To create an order and send it to the supplier:

  1. Go to the inventory module
  2. Open the orders tab:
  3. Select a supplier from the drop-down menu:
    Tip: You can also add a new supplier, by clicking add supplier next to the drop-down menu
  4. Create a list of products you want to order. Specify the unit (e.g. package) and quantity
    Tip: A draft version of the order is created in real-time, so that your changes aren't lost. If you have to close the order at some point, you can then find it in the drafts tab in the menu on the left.
  5. [Optional] Add notes which you want to be sent with the order. To do it, click add notes below the list of products
  6. Click send order
  7. [Optional] Add an additional email address to which you want to send a copy of the order
  8. Click Confirm order
  9. An email with the order will be sent to the supplier to the email address provided.

When you receive the order, change its status to completed. You can do it in the order history tab:

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