In order to ensure the safety of customers and staff, businesses in the UK and Ireland that provide close contact services have been given practical guidelines they need to follow as they reopen. One of the steps you should take to minimise the risk of infection is to provide customers with a few COVID-19 related screening questions to be asked ahead of their appointment. 

Versum provides you with a solution, which allows you to automate the process and receive up-to-date information about your customers' health. If you enable the Screening Questionnaire feature, your customers will receive a link to a short questionnaire with four COVID-19 related questions together with an appointment reminder. Once they complete the questionnaire, they will receive feedback as to whether they can come for their appointment (together with the safety rules to follow) or if there is any potential risk due to which they have to cancel it. 

Tip: It fhe screening questionnaire has been enabled, appointment reminders will be sent also for appointments booked on the day of the appointment. As in the case of standard appointment remiders, if a customer has booked several appointments for the same day, only one message will be sent.

A link to the questionnaire will be added to the appointment reminder. Once the questionnire is completed, the customer will receive feedback whether the appointment can take place and a list of safety rules to follow in the salon. The result of the questionnaire will be displayed in the appointment book:

Note: Only the result of the questionnaire is saved, while answers to individual questions are not. Therefore, sensitive data regarding your customers' health are not stored.

You just need to enable the feature once and the dispatch process will be automatic.

To enable the screening questionnaire:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click automatic messages
  4. In the menu on the left select Screening Questionnaire
  5. Click the Enable Screening Questionnaire button:
  6. Once the feature has been enabled, the request to complete the survey together with a link will be added to the appointment reminder. The number of characters in the text message will increase, however, you can edit the default message in settings > automatic messages > appointment reminder.

If the appointment reminder feature has not been enabled, you can send the questionnaire manually before every appointment. The option is available in the appointment window: